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Brilyanz team is your team. When your objective is to pioneer and reach full potential of your people, you need the best to help you achieve this. Our team of experts are ready to put their expertise at your service.

Cornell Amorim

Cornell’s career journey – 17 years in the welfare sector before moving into business consultation for 5 years then entered corporate for 12.5 years. She follows a results-based and systemic approach and her consultation process

is “design” rather than “repair” focused. She essentially applies an engineering and design methodology for sustainable people strategies enablement. This allows work to extend across areas such as process improvement, strategy development, customer experience management, organizational design, cultural alignment, etc. Referencing her extensive experience in the design and implementation of various impactful Talent, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness initiatives that enhance business efficiency and enable talent management strategies. Cornell is an accredited facilitator by international training companies: Ken Blanchard, Vital Smarts, and International Thought Leaders.

Susan D. Wagner

Susan is a thought leader in design, facilitation and knowledge competence. Inspires and promotes a culture of learning that encourages continuous performance improvement, innovation, and learner engagement through best-in-class corporate training programs and 

best-in-class corporate training programs and team-building activities

Eugene Galligan

Eugene is an experienced professionally qualified former business executive, with hands on experience of executive positions in Europe and the Middle East. He has lead very successful transformation programmes and is pragmatic in his approach. An experienced 

trainer, he leads a number of certifications programs for the Retail Banking Academy international in a number of regions.

Jeanne Perrone

Jeanne is an Instructional Designer and Learning & Development consultant. Throughout her career, Jeanne has delivered more than 100 presentations, authored almost 20 publications and developed several courses in a variety of settings including virtual / e-Learning

environments. Although she understood how to present information in a meaningful and engaging way, she wanted to master the art of designing curricula. Therefore, she earned a Master’s in Instructional Design

Ian McDougall

Ian is as an expert instructional designer. Working in conjunction with subject matter experts, Ian has designed and developed e-learning on various topics ranging from computer systems to legal and regulatory. Ian could also

put together e-learning for some of the MS Office products if this is a requirement.

Dia Dewoolkar

Dia is a Certified Image Consultant trained under the Curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, U.S.A and a Business Communication Trainer. A quality oriented management professional. Dia is an Expert in Personal Branding, Business Communication , Non-verbal 

Communication for Leadership, Power Dressing and International Business Etiquette and Protocols.Believes- “Learning is a process that should never come to an end and the most beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”.

Jamal Al Ghanem

Jamal is an award-winning Expert in Talent Development Management. Successfully, Jamal designed and managed PM systems in many organizations using different methodologies. Jamal gained a rich experience in Talent

Development as he headed performance management function in Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar Foundation and before them in MTN Telecom.

Karmela Sampson

Seasoned Organization Development Consultant with 15+ years of cross-functional expertise in organization excellence, corporate planning, strategy development & implementation of KPI frameworks for companies in stages of business transformation & organizational restructuring.

Certified Senior Professional Human Resources-International Certified Talent Development Professional…

Adel Saad

Strategic human Resources Leader with 18 years of extensive experience in Organizational and Human Resources transformation with expertise on analytics, system automation, compensation and benefits, labor law, HR development and Operations. Gained a rich experience

in Organization Design, Compensation and Benefits, System Atomization and Policies and Procedures development …

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