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Our team of experts is at your service to help you incorporate Talent Development best practices such as:

Talent Solutions

With a proven record of success, Brilyanz will assist you to have the best bilingual Performance Management system which ensures that your employees are fully aligned to and consistently managed against your organization’s objectives and performance standards. Our services include:

Development of Performance Management Policy and Procedures
Facilitation and training on all Performance cycle steps:

Objectives Setting

1. Periodic Review
2. End-Year Appraisal
3. Upward Feedback
4. Performance Improvement Plans

Cost effective and most efficient user-friendly performance software

We turn your people feedback into better insights. Insights will lead to actions and actions will create the desired CHANGE. In Brilyanz, we will survey your people on a deep-dive and pulse check basis to measure their engagement level.

Bilingual Multi-Dimensional Survey
Coverage of all engagement boosting areas
Anonymous collection of feedback to encourage participation
Full results analysis report Improvement action plan and recommendations


Succession Planning

Brilyanz assists your organization to identify critical roles and create a pool of successors to be ready in the leadership pipeline to guarantee business continuity and achieve your strategic objectives.

With our proven assessment methodology, you will have the best fit successor for every critical role. Our consultancy services include:

Identifying Critical Positions
Assessment tools
Identifying High Potentials
Defining Skill Gaps
Recommending Development Areas
Rollout and Measuring Progress

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